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Passage Festival - Volunteer Camp 

Catch collaborated with Helsingør Teater and Passage Festival on a 3-day summer camp led by sound artist Julie Østengaard.

At the summer camp participants created soundscapes as a background for poetry readings they have developed and recorded of and by themselves. They explored the city and created a series of field recordings to be used to compose their own soundscapes. Julie Østengaard, who has worked with sound for both poetry reading, visual media, podcasts and audio plays, will present the participants with techniques for making field recordings and for processing these recordings in an audio editing program. Julie will guide, provide inspiration and concrete tools for working with sound to text, via methods that explore the text’s concrete elements, moods and associations and how these can be translated into sound in different ways.


The summer camps participants were selected and invited by Helsingør Teater and consisted of approximately 15 young people from Slovenia, Croatia and Denmark. The workshop will ran from July 21-23 and resulted in an exhibition that was displayed at JA-kontorets container at The Culture Yard, it was open for the public during Passage Festival in 26-31 July.


About Passage Volunteer Camp

Helsingør Theater and PASSAGE Festival established a volunteer camp for young people aged 18-25 in 2021 in connection with PASSAGE Festival 2021.

PASSAGE Volunteer Camp has received support to complete the camp from the European Solidarity Corps, established by the EU to exchange young people from all over Europe, strengthen their professional and social skills and provide opportunities for participation in inspiring projects.

Already in the spring of 2020, Helsingør Theater and PASSAGE Festival received a so-called Quality Label, which ensures that the participating organizations work responsibly with the young volunteers. A Quality Label is a prerequisite for participating in volunteer projects through the European Solidarity Corps.

PASSAGE Volunteer Camp involves local young people from Elsinore, as well as young people from Lincolnshire, England and from western Slovenia, in a learning process about culture in Elsinore. Among other things, the project worked on how to create development in a city with an investment in culture. At the same time, the young people was part of the practical running and organization of the PASSAGE Festival in 2021 and the idea is to increase the young people’s desire and interest to engage in volunteering, in general.

See the slides form the workshop here:

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