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ROUTE 16 is a site-specific concert in the public space, under the Bispeengbuen in Copenhagen. The work is based on an auditory dialogue with the traffic noise from highway 16. The purpose of the work is to create a new listening situation for the noisy main road. The traffic noise, which is normally very negatively emphasized and a nuisance for the area's residents, is staged in this artistic intervention, where a new listening situation is created by the noisy main road.

Route 16 by Julie Østengaard offers acceleration! The work is based on the city's noisy traffic. In the composition, the traffic noise mixes with tones and sounds that rush past like cars on a highway in constant motion. The work is inspired by the doppler effect, which occurs, among other things, when a car drives by at high speed and you experience a downward shift in tone.

"I create this work because I think it's fun to work with this sound environment, which is otherwise considered annoying, to also see if it can transform just at the moment when it is experienced in a different context - in interaction with the music. Then I examine the characteristics of traffic noise - its sound and movement and translate that into music."

ROUTE 16 is the second installment in the project Augmented Soundscapes - a series of live concerts, created for and in special places, based on its existing sounds. The concerts are sonic narratives about the environments in which they are created and our relationship to them.

Performed at LYDFELTER ON BIKE - a sound journey through Frederiksberg by XYZ Sound Collective and KU.BE.

Lydfelter on bike was a guided audio concert journey, surrounded by loudspeakers from the starting destination under the Bispeengbuen to the end station at KU.BE. The audience experienced the feeling of being completely surrounded by sound to concerts in a new and different format - outside in motion, biking between the site-specifik concert locations.

LYDFELTER ON BIKE was a total of five small sound concerts at selected locations in the public space in Frederiksberg.

The event can be seen as a mixture of concert, performance and sound journey  The sound artists from XYZ Sound Collective explore the question: What is the sound of the city?

The caravan's five stops in Frederiksberg symbolized the  dramaturgy of the cycle trip: acceleration, collision, turning point, braking and homecoming.

commisioned by XYZ Sound Collective 2023

Acceleration (concert recording)Julie Østengaard
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