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Augmented Soundscapes

Augmented Soundscapes is a series of electroacoustic in-situ concerts that take place in 

outdoor areas with special sound environments such as those threatened by future changes, inhabited by special species, possessing sound marks worthy of preservation, or are particularly affected by noise pollution. The site-specific concerts will interact with existing sound environments, but will also be created from them via live sampling and electronic processing.


Via sound, the selected places will be staged in a different interpretive framework. A few of the concerts for example, will deal with noise pollution and aim not only to create criticism of noise pollution as a consequence of a technological and industrial development, but aim to expand the narrative for the target groups who are exposed to noise on a daily basis - from an auditory invasion to an artistic experience, where new listening situations arise and art helps to re-contextualise. 


The Augmented Soundscapes project also touches upon the field of ‘acoustic ecology’, that via sound examines the relationship between human and the natural environment. Inspired by R. Murray Schaefer's site-specific work ‘Music For Wilderness Lake’, which is performed in a natural environment where the composition harmonizes with the place's own soundscape, ‘Augmented Soundscapes’ builds on this tradition, in an expanded concept that draws on electronic music technologies as a starting point for the compositions. These sound pieces become sonic narratives about the environment in which they are created and our relationship to them. A listening environment is created, where we become aware of our surroundings and tune in to the world around us.

The project is supported by the Danish Composers Society, DJBFA and Statens Kunstfond


Augmented Sirens 

5. May 2021, ØEN Nørrebro

Soundartist Julie Østengaard will perform live the premiere of AUGMENTED SIRENS in interaction with the warning signal, which is tested every year on the first Wednesday in May at 12:00.

The signal, also known as "Store Hyledag", is tested once a year to ensure that the population does not forget the significant sound and its significance. This year, Julie Østengaard will change this meaning - from a danger signal to an artistic sound experience.

In total, the concert will last almost 10 minutes and can be experienced in Øens Baghave.
The concert will also be livestreamed here at the event.

Augmented Sirens (LIVE)Julie Østengaard
00:00 / 09:02
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