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New World Travel

New World Travel is an immersive theater experience where the audience and actors meet in a fictional and bankrupt travel agency. The experience is site-specific and takes place in a scenography designed as a failed travel agency that by all means tries to stay alive in the middle of the Corona crisis. The travel industry is threatened by the economy, the aid packages have been deployed and the performance takes us into the bleeding heart of the travel industry.

In New World Travel, we take as our starting point a reality material that is recognizable to the audience; The corona crisis has created a collective state of emergency in which we as humans, regardless of the precorona life situation we found ourselves in, suddenly share the experiences of the crisis with each other. The feeling of unreality, insecurity, fear and perhaps most of all the experience of the surrounding world coming to a standstill are new powerful experiences that require artistic digestion. We invited the audience into a space serving as a platform to explore the moods, emotions and thoughts that the state of emergency triggers. What happens when fundamental figures such as the world economy and the free movement of Western people are suddenly put out of play?

With Hello Copenhagen Travel, we wanted to create an intimate scenic space and a universe that places itself between reality and fiction. We were interested in seeing what togetherness can occur between people, strangers or acquaintances who are subject to the same fictional framework for a measured period of time. An actress acted as a salesperson which created structure in the fiction through actions or utterances that acted as a dramaturgical turning points. 

Hello Copenhagen Travel is an interdisciplinary project at the crossroads between music, performing arts and visual arts, created by the art collective SAMLING.

Initiative and scenography: Marie Boye Thomsen / Helle Kirstine Egsgaard
Instructor consultant: Erik Pold
Performer: Pernille Koch
Text consultant: Anette Boye
Sound artist: Julie Lunding Østengaard
Assistants: Ronja Hage Tange, Thit Renee Hvidtfeldt

The project is supported by Statens Kunstfond and Wilhelm Hansen Foundation

New World Travel
Afspil video
Afspil video
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