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Interfacingthoughts examines the relationship between people when technology becomes an intermediary for our communication. In a performative installation work brain activity is translated into interactive sound and cymatics. A performers state of mind and thinking portrays itself in a space that evolves by its own thinking every second.

With technology we can dissolve the limitations of our own sensory apparatus, we can sense something we otherwise could not by using technology to mediate. Interfacingthoughts provides with the technology access to a world that is otherwise hidden, revealing a person's mysterious inner state of mind in a sensuous and expressive experience. With the body's suggestive actions as a guide the audience and performer will experience their own attempt to decode meaning from the room's surroundings.

The artists' meeting arose through the talent development program Staging the Future of Technology created in a collaboration between CATCH, CLICK Festival and HAUT - Premiered at Click Festival 2019

Concept, production, sound: Julie Lunding Østengaard

Concept, production: Christoffer Vincent Thon

Performer: Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen

Managed by: HAUT, Catch and CLICK Festival  

Supported by: the Danish Arts Foundation​

Video and pictures from Click Festival by: SPREAD


Interfacing Thoughts
Interfacing Thoughts - synced

Interfacing Thoughts - synced

Afspil video
Interfacing thoughts - excerpt

Interfacing thoughts - excerpt

Afspil video

Pictures from performance at Click Festival 2019

Sound stories with Julie Østengaard and Christoffer Vincent Thon (danish)

about their work with InterFacingThoughts, their process, and wider areas, such as their aesthetic expression, formative genre, working methods and related movements in society.

The project was created in a collaboration between Maria Dønvang Production and HAUT.

Interview at Click Festival - broadcast on danish radio "Radio 24/7" with Anders Kjærulff 

The programme "Aflyttet" is about topics of

surveillance, intelligence, agents, security policy and all the secret and hidden that lives and governs in and among us.

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Pictures of the process