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In a backyard in Copenhagen's Sydhavns quarter, you will find the inn HÅBET.

Somewhere on the edge of town and reality, filled with forgotten anecdotes, leather hides, gold watches and smuggled beer. No one really remembers how long Håbet has been here, but soon the radio's laughter will be replaced by the bulldozer hum and new construction. If you find your way, you may be the last to be allowed to enjoy a pickled sun egg and a lukewarm beer while you can get a shave behind the yellowed blinds.

With HÅBET, the art group SAMLING wants to pay tribute to the intimate, local and history-saturated corners of the city. HÅBET has been created based on a scenographic interest in a specific place and has started as a project that wants to explore how performing arts can be developed outside the theatre's traditional framework and put a concrete location into play. The room, which is the starting point for the performance, is located in Copenhagen's South Harbor. A district that right now is facing a huge transformation that eats into the well-known urban landscape every day. When the performance ends, the demolition begins.


Initiative and scenography: Marie Boye / Helle Kirstine Egsgaard
Instructor: Camille Sieling Langdal
Actress: Vanessa Moliné Petterson
Composer and sounddesigner: Julie Lunding Østengaard
Speak: Peder Holm Johansen
Other contributors:
Kim Bork, Niels Ole Hauerberg, Ricardo M. Torres

The performance was supported by Bikubenfonden and Statens Kunstfond

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