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Lydspor / Sound Art Lab

The main purpose of Lydspor is to bring sound art to children and young people in primary and lower secondary school in the Central and Western Jutland Cultural Region. This must be done by, in collaboration between artists, art communicators, students and teachers in the region, developing teaching materials that activate sound art in the primary school's schooling classes.
Lydspor are about listening, reflecting, immersing oneself in and expressing oneself with the different forms of sound art.
Lydspor is a course that culminates in a teaching material, consisting of 6 different subject-specific modules, aimed at the primary and lower secondary school. The material is developed in a collaboration between artists, art communicators, school students and teachers in all the cultural region's municipalities. 

The project is based on Sound Art Lab, which is Denmark's first and only workshop for artistic and creative work with sound. The project participants already have many years of experience with sound art in teaching from the Struer Tracks Biennale, Lydens By Værkstedet m.m.

Workshop  developed by Julie Østengaard

Through sound art, students will gain experience with simple electronic circuits, electric (servo) motors and basic programming principles. Based on my own artistic practice and work with kinetic sound sculptures, the students in this workshop will create their own small acoustic sound sculptures that, via motorized movement, activate the sound of found or composite objects.

In the workshop, students will work with a simple browser-based programming language to create their own motion sequences for the engines. These movements can be characterized by rhythm or be completely random - this is up to the students themselves to investigate. Motor movements will interact with objects or materials that the students themselves choose and think have interesting sonic properties. It can be, for example, a surface on which the motor moves, which makes a very special sound, something that is pulled in, impact on an object, or the motor which is inserted into an object with which it collides and thereby emits sound. The research aims to expand students' understanding of both the technological tools they want to work with, as well as what it can be like to create sound that is not necessarily music, but still has musical properties. The sound sculptures can also be considered as abstract and autonomous musical instruments. The purpose of the workshop is to set the students in motion with the issues that naturally arise in both an engineering and artistic process. They will work to investigate and find out for themselves how these technological tools can be applied in a creative and different way via the art of sound.

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