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Is that you?

Live concert-installation

"In the room a landscape of several speakers are placed all around. You move into it. Nearby I sit with my instruments, creating the sound around you -for you."

In the interplay between max/msp software and physical sampler Julie creates a sound work for 20 speakers based on recordings of a human voice whose identity occurs and disintegrates in the process. 


The sounds are created from a handfull of short recordings of Julies voice, speech and song, that is sampled and re-sampled to a degree where the human identity is distorted and disappears. The timbre of the voice, the words and the message is removed and only on few occasions the voice reveals itself. 

During the concert the audience is able to stand, sit, lay or move inside the landscape of speakers that are placed around the room, while sounds arise in wavy movements and alternate between the speakers among them.

Concerts performed at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium concert hall, and Mayhem KBH.

Self-running sound-installation

The project "Is that you?" is also developed as a self-running soundinstallation, in this format the sound piece has been re-composed to use for exhibition.

The installation plays a mood and association forming sound piece in three parts, that together constitute the work "Is that you?". ​The three parts are repeated in perpetual rotation. All three parts of the sound piece are a processing of the same audio recordings, sounds of a person who sings and speaks. For each part the humanity existing in the audio material is further degraded. In the end, the human being and the words it attempted to emerge, have been completely disintegrated and become mechanical. The sound piece is about change and examines the voices journey through the three parts and how it loses itself in the process of change.

Exhibition at Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning 2.-18- november 2018

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