Julie Østengaard (b. 1991) is a sound artist, electronic composer and performer with a master's degree in electronic music and sound art from the Danish National Conservatory of Music. Her artistic approach is based on creating a present space between artist, audience and work, which is seen in her studies of performative and installation works merging. With a phenomenological, technological and inventive approach to sound that thematically revolves around human's relationship to itself, society and the outside world, Julie creates sound experiences that in most cases are performed live and explores the development of new concert formats using both elements from the visual arts and the performing arts. Here, Julie explores how electronic music performance can gain body and gesture through sculptural physicalization of sound and her use of space helps to encourage the audience to step into the sound experience from a different point of view than in traditional concert situations. Visually, Julie works with a minimalist aesthetic in the exterior, which, for example, is experienced in the installation works, but which unfolds its complexity in its content and execution.


Julie finds the contrast-filled relationship between physical and virtual interesting, and regularly uses these opposites as a framework for sound generation and processing. In her compositional approach, she works in a balance point between organically sounding electronic music and soundart, where the remedies of music are used, but also discarded in favor of a sensuous cultivation of timbral and complex sound collages. This expression draws references to 50s musique concrete, where composition of sound is based on timbre and shape using sounds from objects, places and voices. At the same time, it merges with more modern characteristics from techno and IDM with the use of rhythmic repetitions as well as intricate, electric and glitchy sounds and factory-like atmospheres. Finally references from the ambient field are drawn on, which requires an inward-looking and transcending listening experience where movements are made organically. over a longer time.


Inspiration is also found in technology, where Julie uses thoughts about the computer's autonomy as a compositional strategy. Here, her aesthetics form the framework for an algorithmic set of possibilities that are unfolded generatively, such as control of musical elements or other artistic elements. Her relationship to technology can just as well help to define how a work is designed as it can be a tool for expressing the work's narrative, but in common is a consistent use of framing dogmas, which are shaped via either choice of technology, material, method or theme.


Julie works both solo and collaboratively with projects where the performing arts, visual arts and sound art blend together in experimental constellations and has in recent years appeared on bla. Click Festival, Spor Festival and exhibited at Den Frie(KE18) and created sound installations for Experimentarium.

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