Julie Østengaard, Copenhagen based sound artist and composer working with electronic music and media. Masters degree in electronic music and soundart from the Danish National Academy of Music.

I work with soundart, electronic music and media, and find a special value in a symbiotic relationship between live concert and sound installation, where the installation element gives the electronic sound a gesticulation and the performative element creates an attentive listening situation. In my works, there is often a study of the transmission and the relationship between the physical and virtual, analog and digital and the electronic and acoustic sound. This is expressed through a fusion of sound, art and technology, which is also characterized by a curiosity for new formats in relation to soundart.

For more info and requests contact at julie.oestengaard@gmail.com

Atelier/studio/workspace Nørrebro Kunsthus

Drejervej 25, 2400 KBH NV