Julie Østengaard, Copenhagen based sound artist and composer working with electronic music and media. Masters degree in electronic music and soundart from the Danish National Academy of Music.

I find a special value in a symbiotic relationship between live concert and sound installation, where the concert's ability to capture the audience and the performer's presence is combined with the visual aesthetics and physicality of installation works. I'm inspired by the merging of sound, art and technology and curious to discover new ways of interacting with and creating sound. To me the artistic nerve is an essential value to strive for -the ability to find it in a way that also resonates with others is my personal climax of creating art. 

For more info and requests contact at julie.oestengaard@gmail.com

Atelier/studio/workspace Nørrebro Kunsthus

Drejervej 25, 2400 KBH NV