Premiered at Spor Festival 2020

Concurrent consists of 16 individually controlled, kinetic soundsculptures. Sound is physicalized through motorized movements of the acoustic materials which shape a tension between organic and mechanical when the organized and disorganized movements interplay.

Concurrent has two states; as acoustic self-running soundinstallation and as a scenographic musical instrument in a performance. During an exhibition periode, soundartist Julie Østengaard performs a number of times live with the work, here the acoustic sculptures play together with an electronic soundscape.


During performance, an auditory dialogue is created. The electronic sound is created from direct recordings of the sculptures and processed live. Thus the electronic soundscape remains in direct relation to the acoustic and takes on a commentary role in the composition. This response acts both as a distorted echo and a caricatured version of its acoustic origin, which over time is deconstructed and becomes a stranger to its origin.

'Concurrent' is an interchanging sound piece that blends virtual and physical sound in a virtual and physical space. Existing both as physical sound and figure in a physical space and at the same time as virtual sound in a virtual space, the work seeks to create a relation to modern humanity, living in coexistence with its physical and digital self.

Inspired by artists such as Harry Bertoia, Max Eastley and Zimoun who capture the physicality of acoustic sound through moving objects and transform the objects from their original state, this project seeks to build on similar principles of materiality and visuality of sound. But the project also expands on these principles by integrating electronic composition, interaction and a soundscape that evolves over time.

The installation is made up of 16 identical sculptures that are placed differently around the room, creating subtle variations both visually and auditorily. Together, the sound sculptures fill the room moving in different sequences, individually creating their own soundscapes and together creating a whole. The audience can move around the sculptures, exploring variations of the sounds and movements.

Artist: Julie Østengaard

Video by: Slow Bee Studio

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Composers Society, Inter Arts Center and Spor Festival

Special thanks to: Lukas Jonsson