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Er du okay? (are you okay?)

Are you okay? is a tale of anxiety that is experienced through a series of fragmented electronic/electroacoustic compositions, which contrast with each other and form new forms in their interplay.

Via the expressive language of music, Julie Østengaard explores in the work's partial compositions to interpret the many faces of anxiety and a search for redemption. The pieces are revealed as fragments in turns and in overlays with each other via a generative editing - as if they constantly exist behind the windows of a facade that are opened and closed randomly to reveal them momentarily. In its compositional idiom, the work depicts the condition's uncontrollable alternation between unrest and calm.

The musical universe moves dynamically between rhythmic bursts of noise, deconstructed voice samples and liberating ambient sound surfaces, which draw inspiration from a number of electronic genres, including experimental ambient, electroacoustic, musique concrete, soundscape, IDM, glitch and noise. Occasionally the music is interrupted spontaneously - among other things by a guided meditation, a series of advertisements whose products will make you the best version of yourself and the composer's own voice asking, are you okay?

The work takes its point of departure from an artistic processing of Julie Østengaard's own experiences, while in extension she examines her place in a society where mental vulnerability is one of the most widespread health threats.

Are you okay? premiered at the Klang festival 2023 outdoors in front of the Black Diamond

The concert was performed with modular synthesizer, voice and megaphone.

Er du okay? (excerpt)Julie Østengaard
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