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DIY electronics

Circuit bent am/fm radio

This radio had been circuit bent, and made into a noisy beat machine, with a mechanical sequencer that triggers the circuit bend points. Includes an arduino controlled hall sensor for sync tempo to computer or external instrument

Circuit bent radio / noise sequencer
Afspil video

Cassette tape delay

Cassette tape delay from two old dictaphones.

CV to midi module

Arduino based CV to midi module for eurorack. Made to send CV data from modular synthesizer to computer DAW. 

The spice device

A "boombox" containing a DIY amp and speakers in a spice girls VHS casing.

The spice device
Afspil video


DIY oscillator with frequency knob, LFO function and tone control between triangle and square wave.

Drono and guitar - Silver & Steel
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Drono and guitar_2 - Silver & Steel
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Hacked telephone


This old phone has been hacked into a microphone at the handset and a speaker at the housing which plays out the input from the mic.

Used at poetry reading by Ole Lillelund. 


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