Ode til mobiltelefonen

‘Ode to the mobile phone’ - an electronic music performance, where you as the audience are co-creators of the listening experience using your smartphone as a speaker. 

‘Ode to the mobile phone’ is a response to the negativity often expressed around our use of smartphones. Especially in connection with live concerts, there is a critique of our need to document everything, rather than being present in the experience. The project benefits from these issues and creates a collective experience, where we are encouraged to make use of the phone, where in a playful constellation, there is increased attention to the listening experience, the space and each other.

‘Ode to the Mobile Phone’ explores analog spatialization and filtering in an audience-engaging concept. Via a web app, the audience can play selected soundtracks that interact with the concert's other outputs. During the concert, they move around, exploring the sounds of the room and scenographic objects that can filter the sounds of their phones. With sampler and synthesizer, Julie Østengaard creates a new and experimental live sound work, based on recordings of phone calls, vibrating phones, ringtones and more. The work becomes a reinterpretation of the mobile phone's auditory context, in an experimental and abstract narrative that teases nostalgia and a sense of recognition.

The project will have its premiere at KU.BE Frederiksberg on 22-23 of January,  where it will be presented at "Lydfelter" -a two-day festival for spatial sound art and music.

The project is supported by the Danish Composers Society