Documentations and descriptions of selected works in collaboration with other artists.

Light Channels 2017

This project is created in collaboration with Marie Berlev and Lukas Jonsson. The light sculptures have been used for events at Sensun Festival 2017, Områdefornyelsen Nordvest, Nørrebro Kunsthus, and Lurendrejeren. The seven light sculptures are used by the guests at these events for sitting on or around, and creates an atmosphere in the setting they are placed in.

Ole Lillelund, music for poetry

Collaboration with poet Ole Lillelund on two different publishings, "Udsagn fra Tågernes Kaj" with music from Silver & Steel (2015) and "Den Sorte Svanes Sang" with music from Julie Østengaard (2017). Click to go to page.

The tunnel of senses, Experimentarium 2017

Sound art and sound design for the tunnel of senses at Experimentarium. 

The Tunnel of Senses takes you on a voyage of discovery in your own sensory apparatus. Here, you can feel, listen and smell your way to new knowledge about yourself. On the way, you move from the foetus’ protective environment inside the womb and the sensory richness of youth to the quiet shadowland of old age.

En Dans fra Forstanden 2016

Live music for performance.

The choreography was inspired by real peoples stories of schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts and an every day controlled by another person. "Københavnerpassionen" is a yearly event which marks easter and good friday. The theme of 2016's event was scapegoats of the present - a theme which here was interpreted into dance, bright costumes and live electronic music.

In collaboration with Det Andet Scenarie

Photos: Sergio Calero

Galaktiske brag og pulserende bølger 2016

Music for podcast.

A danish podcast by Dokuteket about astronomy and the sounds of space. Click to go to podcast.

Latent, Vildskudsfestival 2015

Live music for Latent performance.

Latent is a visual performance where light, music and human bodies meet on the facade of TeaterHUSETs walls. The theme is networks -those between us, those which connect us through digital code, those we create consciously and those we never realise we created.

In collaboration with Det Andet Scenarie