Augmented Soundscapes

Augmented Soundscapes is a series of electroacoustic, site-specific concerts created for and at special sites from its existing sounds and working with acoustic ecology -a discipline studying the relationship, mediated through sound, between human beings and their environment.

Augmented Soundscapes is inspired by R. Murray Schaefer's book “The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment” and the site-specific work ‘Music For Wilderness Lake’, which is performed in a natural environment where the composition harmonizes with the soundscape of a place. Augmented Soundscapes builds on this tradition by both interplaying with a natural soundscape, as well as being created directly from it via live recording and sampling. The sonic environment is instantly manipulated electronically and played back into the space as a disfigured echo, augmenting the sonic site through musicalization. Thus, the sound piece becomes imbued with an unpredictability from its dynamic surroundings and undeniably dependent on the location in which it is performed. 

The site specificity is also based upon choice of location. The project shall act as an agent for the site's surroundings, which may be threatened by future changes, inhabited by special species, possess noteworthy sound marks, key-note sounds, sounds worthy of preservation, or be particularly affected by noise pollution. The on-site compositions become sonic narratives about the environments they are created in and our relationship to them, highlighting the manipulation we perform on our surroundings through auditory manipulation. Through these events a listening environment is created, where we become aware of our surroundings and tune into the world around us.

The project is supported by the Danish Composers Society

Augmented Airplanes 

May 2021

The idyllic village atmosphere of St. Magleby in Dragør Municipality stands in sharp contrast to Kastrup Airport's runway, where only one fence separates the two worlds. Despite the fact that the visual separation is clarified and emphasized with signs "no entry for unauthorized persons", the bombastic sound explosions of take-off and landing aircraft regularly penetrate, over the otherwise peaceful landscape of St. Magleby.

And although air traffic has been sharply reduced in recent months, it is only a matter of time before the citizens of the district of st. Magleby, which for many decades has been in the noise zone's most red field, returns to constant noise nuisance.

Augmented Airplanes is a site-specific pop-up concert on the borderland between the airport's runways and St. Magleby. At the end of a path that runs along the fence, sound artist Julie Østengaard, with her sound machines, will wait for the explosive cycle of aircrafts, whose sounds are recorded and processed electronically on site. Along the path, a series of speakers throw the electronically manipulated sound as a fragmented echo of the noisy planes back into the landscape, forming a sequential interplay between nature's ambience, the periodic flights and the commentary electroacoustic soundtrack. Slowly, the plane disappears into the distance, the electronic echo dims out and there is silence again until the next departure.

The sound system Augmented Airplanes helps to draw attention to the airport's noise pollution in the inhabited nature area, but also helps to create a space for an atmospheric transformation of this sound phenomenon - from a sonic invasion, to a curious harmony between the environment and the music.

The performance will be created in collaboration with REFLEKSIONER - Association for contemporary art